Fishing Charter Packages

Our fishing charters have a maximum of six anglers and are individually tailored in regard to the fish that are bitting and weather conditions on the day. This personal commitment by us ensures you get the best experience you can on the day. With Half Day Fishing trips for $150 per angler and whole boat whole day Private charter for $1200 (up to six anglers) we arguably offer the best value for money fishing charters around Perth.

Adventure Cruises

$150 Per Person

All water sport equipment provided
Drinks, morning tea & snacks provided
Max 10 guests / Min 4 Hours

Game Fishing – From December to April the warmer Lewin Current brings with it Mackerel, Tuna, Dolphin Fish and Marlin while the cooler months have sizable Samson fish, Grey Band cod
and Hapuku.

Sports Fishing – Lighter lines, plastics and other tactics! The Salmon run can produce hot non stop action when they are running (around April). While working a soft plastic or jig is an exhilarating way to hook up on almost any fish.

Half Day Fishing Trip

$150 Per Person

All Bait & Tackel provided
Water / Soft Drink / Morning Tea / Snacks Provided
All trips subject to numbers and weather conditions

Half day fishing trips are aimed at getting a feed and having fun while doing so. On our half day trips our team target Whiting, King George Whiting, Snapper, Flathead and Duh fish.

In addition to bringing a few great fish home for the family, the half day fishing trips are a fantastic introduction to fishing for family, children or friends. Our team is here to help you transition into the world of fishing and enjoy the day as
much as we do.

Full Day Fishing Trip

$250 Per Person
All Bait & Tackle included Water / Soft Drink / Morning Tea / Snacks included All trips subject to numbers and weather conditions Charter Fishing Perth full day fishing trips cater for the novice and seasoned angler who want to catch big fish. Weather permitting we will fish deep water structures where fish are known to congregate. On a full day fishing trip we target the larger species, including but not limited to Duh Fish, Pink and Queen Snapper, Baldchin Groper, Breaksea Cod, Mulloway and Samson fish.

Fishing Gallery

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